Avionics Upgrades

Whether you want to change out that old radio or replace your 6 stack, we can provide you any upgrade, no matter the size; from single instrument replacements to full glass installations. As a dealer for most avionics products, including Garmin and Aspen, we will work with you to find the equipment to fit your exact needs and budget.

Our upgrades include:

  • Engine Monitoring Systems

  • Auto Pilot Upgrades

  • Standby Indicators

  • PFD/MFDs

  • Center stack replacement

  • LED Installations

  • ADS-B Compliance

  • IFR upgrade


Troubleshooting and Services

Does your radio sound like an old TV? Your autopilot have a Mind of it's own? Maybe your battery needs a little juice. We can help you with any problems or servicing your plane might need.

We offer:

  • Troubleshooting

  • Diagnostics

  • Calibrations

  • Battery Cap-checks

  • Pitot Static inspections

Instrument Panel Fabrication

There is nothing more like a new panel to display all your upgraded instruments, or to help your old instruments shine. We work with you to create a panel that fits your exact needs; making life in the cockpit as comfortable as possible.

You can decide:

  • Instrument Placement

  • Placard Placement

  • Custom Placards

  • Color Scheme

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